Our Secret World

by Full Label

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"Welcome to Our Secret World."-- A Tribute to Sarah Records

This year is the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of Sarah. Inspired by Sarah Records, we gathered 12 bands and artist to do a compilation that not only reproduce the music but also celebrates the DIY attitude of the Sarah bands.
So this tribute is divided into two parts, while the front part are four covers and the later part are songs original written and of course inspired by Sarah as well.
It might not be a perfect one, but we love it deeply, just like how you and I both love Sarah along all these years.

CD & Cassete coming soon!

Bands and Artists:
A Hidden Trace / AyKayAyDubeelewAR / Butterbeer / chestnut bakery / Fuhn / Milkmustache / smellyhoover / Teenage Riot / The Ephemera / The White Tulips / yourboyfriendsucks! / Zoo

Please check out each track for their own websites. :)


released August 28, 2015

FLB - 003

Cover by Fushixin
Digital/CD/Cassette mastering by 11th floor
Release by 无聊制造BoringProductions / 富力保Full Label




all rights reserved


Full Label Guangzhou, China

Cantonese Scheisse!!!

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Track Name: Fuhn - (No One Knows My Name Is) K (featuring Jes)
What can I do for you?
Why you disappeared that way?
The shadow, the satellite, all in silence.
We all know you. Your name is K.

I am nothing but a mistake.
'Goodbye memories!' I will say.
I want somewhere no one knows me,
no one knows my name was K.

No one knows I(you) speak little Spanish
No one knows my(your) ex-boyfriend
No one knows I'm(you're) getting married
No one knows my(your) name was K

Track Name: Butterbeer - Listening To Another Sunny Day Makes Me Forget You
I have listened to Another Sunny Day
Another Sunny Day
for a whole day
I've decided to forget all about
forget all about
all about you
Track Name: Milkmustache - When Morning Comes To Me
Eatting ice-cream on a sunny road, between us , you smiled
I'm sure about something
Those will change , will be changed
after fininshing this strawberry wine
There is nothing more to say and I feel strange
I was looking into those will eventually be found
falling light is wasted and I'll be moving on
Track Name: chestnut bakery - Saturday Afternoon
The salty wind is blowing through my face
My happiness is hanging on the clouds
I hope it would rain
And make it dance with me
The ocean waves is calling on my name
My heartbeat is changing into a dreamy rate
We're driving around that corner
And everything's in a daze
And I am walking my way
And I am in my place
Cause I am with you
And I am with you,
la la la la~~~~
I've always been afraid
Dreams never last
But this time
Track Name: smellyhoover - 廣州漫遊


在人民中 抬頭亦看不到天空
在人群中 轉左向右再折衷
在逢源中 撞見她方寸也失控
在猶豫中 時光消磨了幾多主人翁?


在人民中 抬頭亦看不到天空
在人群中 轉左向右再折衷
在逢源中 撞見她方寸也失控
在猶豫中 時光消磨了幾多主人翁
Track Name: The Ephemera - Insomnia
The moon in the bureau mirror
looks out a million miles
and perhaps with pride
but she never smiles
far and away beyond sleep
perhaps she's a daytime daytime sleeper

into that world inverted
where left is always right
where the shadows are really the body
where we stay awake all night
where the heavens are shallow as the sea
is now deep, and you love me

By the Universe deserted
she don't tell to go to hell
and she don't find a body of water
or a mirror, on which to dwell

into that world inverted
where left is always right
where the shadows are really the body
where we stay awake all night
where the heavens are shallow as the sea
is now deep, and you love me
Track Name: The White Tulips - Kidnapper
I think that easy over me
I always need you by my side
I saw you bleeding
Feeling dizzy
I can't believe it
Imagining the sun,of other sunshine day
Track Name: yourboyfriendsucks! - House Music
If she knows your place
Where we have all of the memories
Did she come to you
Did you do like that
Like you used to do

Kitchen in your house is the best place I know about
Do do do do do
Cake that you have baked
Like the kisses on my face
Do do do do do